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Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Choose your data (for simplicity - we're just forecasting one column of data - but you could choose columns or rows up to the maximum that Excel allows).

Easy Forecasting with ezForecaster Step 1

Step 2

Choose Best Fit Method (and if the data is seasonal, the number of time periods in each year - in this case there are 13 four week periods). Enter the number of Time Periods you want to forecast.Best Fit Method cycles through all 21 included forecast methods to find the one best suited to your data - but you could always choose one of them yourself, if you really wanted to!



Easy Forecasting with ezForecaster Step 2

Step 3

Choose how you want to see the results and click Finish to calculate and view your forecast.

Easy Forecasting with ezForecaster Step 3

Now Check Out the Results!

Easy Forecasting with ezForecaster - Results

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