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Introducing ezForecaster -
Business Forecasting for the Rest of Us!

Just think for a moment. If you could produce a forecast that was just one percent more accurate than you could before - your company could be selling more, overstocking less, wasting less, and making more money. Think what that could do to the bottom line for you, your department and your company!

If you have to produce forecasts or projections, how do you currently do it?

  • By adding five percent to last year's sales, then discussing it with your boss and adding another five percent

  • By struggling to use your spreadsheet's built-in forecasting features

  • By struggling to get your data into another forecasting package, only to find it's too difficult to use

  • By making an inspired guess five minutes before that big meeting

  • By passing it on to your already overworked assistant

If one or more of these are true - you are not alone. Most people don't have the time, inclination or desire to want to re-learn much about forecasting or statistics. Unfortunately, although there are many forecasting applications available, they have all been written by statisticians for statisticians. Well, we decided to change that by having our statisticians create Business Forecasting for the Rest of Us! The result is ezForecaster, the latest in a line of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand analysis tools from ParkerSoft. Importantly, ezForecaster doesn't trivialize forecasting - it just makes it more accessible to people who don't have the time to get caught up in the forecasting process. ezForecaster runs directly inside Microsoft Excel (97-2016), which is where most people actually work with their data - so it's really easy to pick-up and get started.

Learn how ezForecaster works.



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