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Why Should You Use ezForecaster?

Because it's better!

If you have to produce forecasts or budgets, ezForecaster is for you. If you're using Excel's forecasting tools (a straight line 'FORECAST' or an exponential curve 'TREND'), your forecasts probably won't be close to your actual results - especially if your data shows:

  • Seasonal effects

  • An underlying upward or downward trend

  • An underlying accelerating upward or downward trend

  • Intermittent or 'lumpy' demand


Take a look at the two forecasts below. The first is Excel's FORECAST function (in other words, a straight line).

Excel's FORECAST function is just a straight line


Now compare that to ezForecaster's automatic Best Fit selection:

ezForecaster's Automatic Best Fit selection

.... So, which one looks like it captured both the increasing upward trend, plus the seasonal peaks and troughs?

That's right the second one, made with ezForecaster!




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