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ezForecaster 1.7 (for Excel 97-2013)

Designed for anyone who needs to create business forecasts, ezForecaster is a powerful, yet remarkably easy-to-use time series forecasting add-in for Microsoft Excel. ezForecaster can automatically choose a suitable forecasting method using a wide variety of time series techniques, but also allows you to select a method manually.

For power users, ezForecaster also offers a Multiple Regression wizard to enable you to determine (and at the same time, forecast) the factors that influence your sales or demand.

Best of all, ezForecaster works directly inside Excel, so there's no need for you to struggle to get your data into yet another separate package!

Forecasting Has Never Been This Easy!

  1. Choose the Data Range

  2. Choose the Method (better yet - choose Best Fit Method)

  3. Choose 'Finish'

That's all it takes - Really!

Who Needs it?

Professionals involved directly or indirectly with the forecasting function, from consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, chemical, energy, utility, insurance, banking and finance sectors.

Anyone who needs to create a forecast or projection.

Key Features

Two wizards: one for Forecasting, one for Multiple / Stepwise Regression

Runs on any Microsoft Excel 97 - 2013 worksheet

Twenty-one time series forecasting techniques from simple curve fitting to sophisticated seasonal smoothing routines

Forecast multiple lines concurrently and produce results as PivotTables

Incredible value!

System Requirements

PC running Microsoft Excel (32-bit ONLY) 97 or later, 5 MB hard disk space, VGA monitor (or better), mouse or pointing device (recommended).



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