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Competitive Analysis

Oscar Wilde said "A cynic is a person who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing". Our competitors charge many times more than we do. Why? Simply put, they are overpriced. 

Myth #1: Accuracy

Let's dispel the accuracy myth. Where these products use the same published forecast techniques, they'll produce exactly the same results.

Myth #2: ezForecaster can't possibly be a heavy-duty forecasting application 

We beg to differ! ezForecaster does everything the unwieldy standalone applications do - it's just that it hides the tedious tricky stuff behind a concise easy-to-follow interface. With their muddled user interfaces, these competitors have more buttons than a truck load of Levi 501s!

Myth #3: Light Feature Set

Look what's included with ezForecaster.



ezForecaster 1.7

Excel Add-in


Knowledge of Forecasting Terminology Required

None/Low - Designed to be used by regular people!

Forecast Wizard


Curve Fitting  Methods (#)


Smoothing Methods (#)


Seasonal  Methods (#)


Maximum Number of Simultaneous Forecasts

(in Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013)
64,000 (All prior Excel releases)

Regression Wizard YES
Stepwise Regression (#) YES (4)
Free, Published API YES
Programmable ActiveX DLL YES
Programmable inside Excel YES
Can be run in Active Server Pages YES
Cost $399
Annual Maintenance FREE
You could be forecasting... less than 5 mins after installation




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