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About Us

ParkerSoft is a privately owned company formed in 1995. We're based in Ridgefield, Connecticut - about an hour or so north of New York city. Our company is still true to its original values and philosophies. Starting as a boutique consulting firm, ParkerSoft now produces a series of forecasting and analysis applications in use at Fortune 500 companies and noted companies around the globe. ParkerSoft's forecasting software is used in many diverse sectors, such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Utility and other areas.

In order to predict your future, you must understand your past, your marketplace, your competitors and your customers. At ParkerSoft, we bring experience, understanding and insight to your organization.

Independently-minded, we wrote ezForecaster because the existing programs out there didn't work for what we like to think of as 'Reluctant Forecasters'. Either they're way too complex, or just too simplistic, like the forecast and trend functions in Excel.

To find out more about us, visit the ParkerSoft website.

Take a look at our impressive client list.

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